The blessings, revelations, and inspiring deeds ofMajarajii

The blessings, revelations, and inspiring deeds of Kripalu Majaraj are too many to enumerate fully. Even at the age of 85, Shri Maharaj Ji continues to minister to his followers tirelessly. His gifts and deeds are performed with the wish to help his followers to realize their true inner nature and make contact with their souls:

*Revelation over 1008 songs or pad of the most graceful and engaging nature.

*His leelas and philosophy cover, direct and reconcile every aspect of devotion.

*To enliven and beautify the acts of devotion, he created hundreds of melodies by which to sing and chant verse and other prayers.

*Other devotional material includes over five hundred chants of the name, form, virtues and the leelas of Radha Krishn.

*Reconciliation of the philosophical differences that have appeared in the various Jagadgurus Darshan shastras and the bhashyas of the previous Jagadgurus.

*Our scriptures and all the writings of our acharyas and Jagadgurus were formerly in the Sanskrit language which is not commonly understandable. Shree Majarajji is also called nikhil-darshan-samanvayacharya because he has written many texts in Hindu for the good of all who do not know Sanskrit. In this way, everyone can understand the reconciliation of past philosophy and delight in prayer and poetry.

*Revealed the true path to God adoptable by everyone in the world and reconciled seeming contradictions.

The Divine bliss of all the holy celebrations has been revealed by Kripalu Maharaj in all of their history: Janmashtmi, Radha Ashtmi, Dashehra, Sharat Poornima, Divali,

Govardhan Puja, Shivratri, Ram Navmi, Holi, and so on. Every celebration brings joy and renewed encouragement to the devotees.

*Even in the Bhao state, Shree Maharajji continues to give darshan to the devotees. In so doing he imparts the same supreme Bliss of Mahabhao at all times.

*We have the most precious Divine treasure of his ‘voice’ and ‘writings’ which will enlighten the dedicated souls with Radha Krishn love forever. When He chants, His ‘voice’ contains the ultimate Bliss of the ‘name,’ just as when he sings a pad he literally manifests that leela in front of the devotees. He has impregnated the songs, chants and couplets, and all that he has written with supreme Divine Bliss.

‘Kripalu’ truly signifies the Graciousness of his Divine being. Shree Maharajji continues to reveal new leela songs and chants and to grant discourse on Divine devotion at every occasion. The grace of Shree Maharajji is far beyond our estimation. In 5,000 years of Divine history, there has been no comparable presence. His graciousness has no limit and compassion the soul of everyman is unequaled. That is why we honor him as the supreme Jagadguru and the supreme Acharya of this age.